Vietnam 1968-69 - 1st visit

Remembering those who served.

By Recon 3/8

Gallery Photo: Plei Trap Valley March 1969View from our firebase overlooking the Plei Trap Valley, a avenue from the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos to South Vietnam. The valley along with the A Shau Valley further north and the Ia Drang further south was the scene of heavy fighting on a number of occasions during the war.
Gallery Photo: Plei Trap Valley March 1969Gallery Photo: Central Highlands VietnamGallery Photo: AirstrikeGallery Photo: BunkerGallery Photo: FirebaseGallery Photo: Saddle up.Gallery Photo: Flying CraneGallery Photo: FighterGallery Photo: Plei Trap ValleyGallery Photo: CheerleadersGallery Photo: Kenneth Martin, Kalamazoo, MIGallery Photo: Michael Valunas, March 24, 1969Gallery Photo: Karl  J. Taschek, Jr. March 20, 1969Gallery Photo: Duffy & ''roger''Gallery Photo: Thick and ThinGallery Photo: Dust-off birdGallery Photo: Huey & LOHGallery Photo: Recon 3/8 - known as "Roger"Gallery Photo: Duffy & "roger"Gallery Photo: My HeroGallery Photo: Jungle LZGallery Photo: On top after taking the hillGallery Photo: Recon platoon January 1969Gallery Photo: Vietnamese kidGallery Photo: RestingGallery Photo: Pinned down.Gallery Photo: Sergeants Devlin and NessGallery Photo: Hurry up and waitGallery Photo: Squad BunkerGallery Photo: Platoon sergeant NessGallery Photo: Part of Recon

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